Medical Malpractice

We want our clients to have access to everything that can possibly help their situation, whether that be housing, the best medication, cutting edge surgery/ prosthetics or home health care. We believe that loved ones should not be forced to become caregivers instead of mothers, fathers, husbands or wives. Our goal is to help our clients have the best quality of life possible.

Trucking and Commercial Vehicle Crashes

Our attorneys are experienced in handling cases involving all types of truck crashes. We begin our investigation of these claims on day one so that we can determine all the possible businesses and individuals that are responsible for the crash. Potential responsible companies may include shippers and brokers of the load, as well as logistic companies and other corporate entities who place profits over safety.

Wrongful Death & Survival Claims

At Barth Rovnan we understand how an unexpected and preventable death can turn a family’s life upside down in a split second. We dedicate our practice to making sure our clients get the help they need and information they deserve about how and why their loved one was taken from them. We dedicate our practice to making sure that we are respectful, honest and gentle in our approach when discussing the case with a family who has experienced an unexpected death of a loved one.

Brain and Spine Injuries

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