Co-Counsel and Referring Attorneys

How will bringing Barth Rovnan in as co-counsel or a referring attorney help me and my client?

  • Too often, we hear from other attorneys that a case is a “coverage tragedy.” In our experience, many times, this is based on an unfounded belief that there are limited potential defendants and not enough insurance coverage available. Our experience gives us an advantage by knowing all the entities to investigate as potential sources of recovery for your client’s injuries and losses. Attorneys hire us as co-counsel because we enhance their recovery and reduce their stress!
  • Our attorneys are experienced in conducting focus groups and working with top notch empirical data analysts to simplify and streamline what may seem like the most complex of cases. We also routinely conduct our own focus groups to aid in witness preparation, the effectiveness of trial exhibits and how to handle potential difficult facts in any case.
  • We are willing and able to hire the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in the industry for all our complex cases. We believe knowledge is power. Our routine is to consult with the best experts and know what the defenses to our case will be before filing a Complaint.
  • We want you to be part of our team! Many attorneys are apprehensive to refer out a catastrophic injury or wrongful death case because they fear losing a client, losing money or losing an opportunity to market the result. Stay on the case as co-counsel! We will fund costs and take responsibility for moving the case forward, while you stay on the pleadings and maintain a connection with the client.
  • We develop a unique discovery and litigation strategy plan for each catastrophic injury and wrongful death case we take on. We routinely incorporate corporate designee depositions, comprehensive document analysis (including audit trail analysis), and on-site investigations to prove our case during the discovery phase. Our team is building the case for trial from day one and investing the necessary resources to design state-of-the art trial exhibits and demonstratives.

Let our team at Barth Rovnan add value to your case. Our team is dedicated to maximizing the value of catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.